Film Credits

A film by
Arwen Curry

Edited by

  • Andrew Gersh
  • Juli Vizza
  • Gail Huddleson

Co-produced by

  • Jason Andrew Cohn
  • Camille Servan-Schreiber

Original Score by
William Ryan Fritch

The producers gratefully acknowledge the cooperation and contribution of the Le Guin family.

Animation by

  • Em Cooper
  • Molly Schwartz

Associate Producers

  • Ariana Reguzzoni
  • Maya Curry
  • Hannah Airriess

Director of Photography
Andrew Black

Additional Camera

  • John Kiffmeyer
  • Petr Stepanek
  • Lincoln Else
  • Mario Furloni
  • Edward Marritz
  • Jeff Streich
  • Daniel Gorrell
  • Dale Sood
  • Josh Cassidy

Location Sound

  • Anna Rieke
  • Jason Anderson
  • Wellington Bowler
  • Adriano Bravo
  • Curtis Choy
  • Doug Dunderdale
  • Edward Fritz
  • Anton Herbert
  • Mark Mandler
  • Lauretta Molitor
  • Nao Nakazawa
  • Chris Newton
  • Vanessa Renwick
  • Hilary Stewart

Assistant Camera

  • Brad McCormick
  • Serena Monts

Motion Graphics by

  • Sneaky Little Sister Films
  • Rob Astamendi
  • Hannah Blanchard
  • Alexandra Petrus
  • Kia Simon

Assistant Animation for

  • Em Cooper Sharon Liu
  • Animation Producer Sue Loughlin
  • Animation Production Jelly London

Actors in Earthsea Animations

  • Tracy Bargate as Tenar
  • Lloydd Hamwijk as Ged
  • Kavita Daggar as Lark
  • Flora Boland as Tehanu

Animation Producer for
Molly Schwartz Jen Glabus

Additional Animation for
Molly Schwartz Ariel Martian

Assistant Editors

  • Sarah Cannon
  • Emma Jackson
  • Tory Jeffay
  • Hanna Miller

Additional Editing by

  • Nina Goodby
  • Don Bernier
  • Michele Erausquin
  • Kevin Jones

Archival Producers

  • Rachel Antell
  • Jennifer Petrucelli

Additional Archival Research by
Nathanael Johnson

Production Assistants

  • Casey Addington
  • Kayla Barnes
  • Katie Burkart
  • Alec Icky Dunn
  • Thomas Rivera Montes
  • Melina Tupa

Audio Post-Production
Berkeley Sound Artists

Re-recording Mixer & Dialog Editor
Erik Reimers

Sound Design
Bijan Sharifi

Sound Effects Editors
William Sammons

HD Finishing

  • ZAP Zoetrope Aubry Productions – San Francisco
  • On Line Editor Ashley Pagán
  • Colorist Leo Hallal
  • Post Production Supervisor Kim Aubry

Titles by
Kia Simon

Produced in association with
the Center for Independent Documentary

A Production by Arwen Curry in association with Thirteen’s American Masters

For American Masters

  • Series Production Coordinator Cristiana Lombardo
  • Series Associate Producer Joe Skinner
  • Supervising Producer Junko Tsunashima
  • Series Producer Julie Sacks
  • Executive Producer Michael Kantor

Major funding provided by
The National Endowment for the Humanities

Additional funding provided by
California Humanities
The Berkeley Film Foundation
3185 backers on Kickstarter

is provided by PBS

by Alex Borstein

Music made possible by
Kent Rasmussen & Celia Ramsay

Distributed by
Java Films

Arwen Curry is solely responsible for the content of the film.

Archival footage and sound courtesy of

  • Arts Midwest
  • Aussiecon 1975 and Australian Science Fiction Foundation Inc.
  • CriticalPast
  • FILM Archives, Inc.
  • Eileen Gunn & Nisi Shawl: Hosts, Science Fiction Conversations
  • Vonda N. McIntyre, Producer & Director
  • Carey Handfield
  • National Book Foundation
  • The Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit,
  • NASA Johnson Space Center.
  • Pond5
  • Pacific Street Films
  • Producers Library
  • Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University.
  • Smithsonian Institution
  • The Video Access Project/The Creative Outlet, Inc.

Archival stills courtesy of

  • The Estate of Ursula K. Le Guin
  • AP Photo/Charles Gorry
  • C. Hart Meniam collection of Native American photographs,
  • A.L. Kroeber family photographs,
  • Indians of California by stocks and tribes, courtesy of The Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley.
  • Archives of the BC Science Fiction Association (BCSFA)
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    and the Regents of the University of California.
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Additional Media

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  • “Long Singing” from Music and Poetry Of The Kesh
  • Words by Ursula K. Le Guin used by permission of Curtis Brown, Ltd.

Composition by
Todd Barton courtesy of Freedom To Spend.
© 1985 Ursula K. Le Guin / 2018 RVNG Intl. All rights reserved.

Kickstarter Campaign Support

  • Alex Chousa Janelle Hessig
  • Elliott Kennerson Zaldy Serrano
  • Miriam Klein Stahl Thera Webb
  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Simon & Schuster, Inc.
  • HarperCollins Penguin Random House
  • Small Beer Press PM Press

Special thanks to our advisors

  • Brian Attebery James Bittner
  • Michael Cadden Elizabeth Cummins
  • Richard D. Erlich Ira Jacknis
  • Michael Levy (1950-2017) Julie Phillips

Special thanks to the participating students of Berkeley High School

  • Isaiah Daniels Maia Danks
  • Macroy Gonsalves Isabel Simone Thies Hackett
  • Jade Hudson Zoe Asena Kratins
  • Marbella Jimenez-Hernandez Alexander Ma
  • Marikit Mayeno Bram McLaughlin
  • Tala Parker Daysha Singleton

Very special thanks to

  • John Edward Nackley II Desmond & Stellan Curry Nackley
  • Clelia & Jim Baur Bo Curry
  • Maya Curry Ashley Nackley
  • The Curry Family The Nackley Family
  • Mary Ann Kemper Curry Mary Denike & Clara Zavani
  • Katharine Case Gina Rossi Rehal
  • Moe Bowstern Katie Burkart
  • Anna Brown Nicole Lapuyade
  • John Kiffmeyer John E. & Karen Lum Nackley
  • Susi Walsh Karl & Ann Krietsch
  • Erin Yanke & The Quack House

Special thanks to

  • Charlie Jane Anders Borderlands Books
  • Amy Browne Claude & Susan Case
  • Suzy Mckee Charnas Alex Chousa
  • Laurie Coyle Curtis Brown, Ltd.
  • Jon Else Curt A. Flory
  • Karen Joy Fowler Molly Gloss
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  • Simon & Schuster, Inc. Small Beer Press
  • Izzy Spight Rebecca Solnit
  • Miriam Klein Stahl Mike Taylor & Jessica Strang
  • Susan Turley Thera Webb
  • Rina & Jacob Weisman Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
  • John Becker & Berkeley High School The UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism

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True journey is return.

Copyright © 2018 Arwen Curry
All Rights Reserved.

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