Film Credits

A film by
Arwen Curry

Edited by
Andrew Gersh
Juli Vizza
Gail Huddleson

Animation by
Em Cooper
Molly Schwartz

Co-produced by
Jason Andrew Cohn
Camille Servan-Schreiber

Original Score by
William Ryan Fritch

The producers gratefully acknowledge the cooperation and contribution of the Le Guin family.

Production Credits

Associate Producers
Ariana Reguzzoni
Hannah Airriess

Director of Photography
Andrew Black

Additional Camera

John Kiffmeyer
Petr Stepanek
Lincoln Else
Mario Furloni
Edward Marritz
Jeff Streich
Daniel Gorrell
Dale Sood
Josh Cassidy

Location Sound

Anna Rieke
Jason Anderson
Wellington Bowler
Adriano Bravo
Curtis Choy
Doug Dunderdale
Edward Fritz
Anton Herbert
Mark Mandler
Lauretta Molitor
Nao Nakazawa
Chris Newton
Vanessa Renwick
Hilary Stewart

Assistant Camera
Brad McCormick
Serena Monts

Motion Graphics by
Sneaky Little Sister Films
Rob Astamendi
Hannah Blanchard
Alexandra Petrus
Kia Simon

Assistant Animation for Em Cooper
Sharon Liu

Animation Producer
Sue Loughlin

Animation Production
Jelly London

Actors in Earthsea Animations
Tracy Bargate as Tenar
Lloydd Hamwijk as Ged
Kavita Daggar as Lark
Flora Boland as Tehanu

Animation Producer for Molly Schwartz
Jen Glabus

Animators & Illustrators
Ariel Martian
Dana Schechter
Nola Romano
Mika Yokobori
Jason Conradt
Tanya Campbell
Jessica Findley
Physics Equations by
Curt A. Flory

Assistant Editors
Sarah Cannon
Emma Jackson
Tory Jeffay

Additional Editing by
Nina Goodby
Don Bernier
Michele Erausquin
Kevin Jones
Malcolm Pullinger

Archival Producers
Rachel Antell
Jennifer Petrucelli

Additional Archival Research by
Nathanael Johnson
Zoe Leonard

Production Assistants
Casey Addington
Kayla Barnes
Katie Burkart
Maya Curry
Alec Icky Dunn
Thomas Rivera Montes
Melina Tupa

Hand Models
Lisa Landi
Sylvia Linstaedt
Camille Servan-Schreiber

Audio Post-Production
Berkeley Sound Artists

Re-recording Mixer & Dialog Editor
Erik Reimers

Sound Design
Bijan Sharifi

Sound Effects Editor
William Sammons

HD Finishing
ZAP Zoetrope Aubry Productions – San Francisco

On Line Editor

Ashley Pagán


Leo Hallal

Post Production
Kim Aubry

Titles by
Kia Simon

DVD subtitles by

Arrate Hidalgo (Spanish)

Diana Chiawen Lee (Chinese)

Vera Mark (German)

NetCaptioning (French)

Oltre Lo Specchio (Italian)

Produced in association with
The Center for Independent Documentary

Additional fiscal sponsorship by

A Production by Arwen Curry in association with Thirteen’s American Masters

For American Masters

Series Production Coordinator
Cristiana Lombardo

Series Associate Producer
Joe Skinner

Supervising Producer
Junko Tsunashima

Series Producer
Julie Sacks

Executive Producer
Michael Kantor


Additional funding provided by
Corporation For Public Broadcasting
Rosalind P Walter
The Philip and Janice Levin Foundation
Ellen and James S. Marcus
Vital Projects Fund
Judith and Burton Resnick
Cheryl and Philip Milstein Family
The Blanche & Irving Laurie Foundation
The André and Elizabeth Kertéz Foundation

Arwen Curry is solely responsible for the content of the film.

Archival Credits

Archival footage and sound courtesy of
Arts Midwest
Aussiecon 1975 and Australian Science Fiction Foundation Inc.
FILM Archives, Inc.
Eileen Gunn & Nisi Shawl: Hosts, Science Fiction Conversations
Vonda N. McIntyre, Producer & Director
Carey Handfield
National Book Foundation
The Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit,
NASA Johnson Space Center.
Pacific Street Films
Producers Library
Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University.
Smithsonian Institution
The Video Access Project/The Creative Outlet, Inc.

Archival stills courtesy of
The Estate of Ursula K. Le Guin
AP Photo/Charles Gorry
C. Hart Meniam collection of Native American photographs,
A.L. Kroeber family photographs,
Indians of California by stocks and tribes,
courtesy of The Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley.
Archives of the BC Science Fiction Association (BCSFA)
Pauline Ellison
HarperCollins Publishers
The Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology
and the Regents of the University of California.
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
The Huntington Library, San Marino, California.
Jay Kay Klein photographs, UC Riverside.
Jean T. Kroeber
Bettye Lane photos
Locus Science Fiction Foundation
Vonda N. McIntyre
Middlebury College Archives, Middlebury, VT.
Oregon Historical Society
The Oregonian
Penguin Random House
Andrew I. Porter
Ursula K. Le Guin, 1988, by Marian Wood Kolisch,
Portland Art Museum, Oregon, Bequest of Marian Wood Kolisch.
Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America
Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College.
Special Collections & University Archives,
University of California, Riverside.
Ursula K. Le Guin Papers,
Special Collections and University Archives,
University of Oregon Libraries.
Special Collections Research Center,
Temple University Libraries, Philadelphia, PA.
Betsy Wollheim

Additional Media
Amazing Stories
Analog Science Fiction and Fact
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Chicago Today
The Christian Science Monitor
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University of California Press
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World Editions, Inc., New York
Ziff Davis

“Long Singing” from Music and Poetry Of The Kesh
Words by Ursula K. Le Guin used by permission of Curtis Brown, Ltd.Composition by Todd Barton courtesy of Freedom To Spend.© 1985 Ursula K. Le Guin / 2018 RVNG Intl. All rights reserved.

With permission of Saga Press, a division of Simon & Schuster, Inc. All Rights reserved.

Special Thanks

Kickstarter Campaign Support
Katie Burkart
Alex Chousa
Janelle Hessig
Elliott Kennerson
Zaldy Serrano
Miriam Klein Stahl
Thera Webb
Rina Weisman
Borderlands Books & Cafe
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Penguin Random House
Simon & Schuster, Inc.
Small Beer Press

Legal Counsel
Justine Jacob
Focus Media Law Group

Transcription Services
Production Transcripts

Special thanks to our advisors
Brian Attebery
Michael Cadden
Richard D. Erlich
Michael Levy (1950-2017)
James Bittner
Elizabeth Cummins
Ira Jacknis
Julie Phillips

Special thanks to the participating students of Berkeley High School
Isaiah Daniels
Macroy Gonsalves
Jade Hudson
Marbella Jimenez-Hernandez
Marikit Mayeno
Tala Parker
Maia Danks
Isabel Simone Thies Hackett
Zoe Asena Kratins
Alexander Ma
Bram McLaughlin
Daysha Singleton

Very special thanks to
John Edward Nackley II
Clelia & Jim Baur
Maya Curry
The Curry Family
Mary Ann Kemper Curry
Katharine Case
Moe Bowstern
Anna Brown
John Kiffmeyer
Susi Walsh
Erin Yanke & The Quack House
Desmond & Stellan Curry Nackley
Bo Curry
Ashley Nackley
The Nackley Family
Mary Denike & Clara Zavani
Gina Rossi Rehal
Katie Burkart
Nicole Lapuyade
John E. & Karen Lum Nackley
Karl & Ann Krietsch

Special thanks to
Klaus & Kathy Krietsch
Borderlands Books
Claude & Susan Case
Karoline & Robert Collins
Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Michele Erausquin
Travis Fristoe (1971-2015)
Sam Green
Tennessee Jones
Lisa Landi
Linda J. Long
Helene Maxwell
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Mimi Thi Nguyen
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Nate Powell
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Izzy Spight
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Rina & Jacob Weisman
John Becker & Berkeley High School
The UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism
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Linda Peckham
Powell’s Books
Frances Reid
Janice Ruchlis & Family
Justine Shapiro
Rebecca Solnit
Mike Taylor & Jessica Strang
Kareth Whitchurch
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
Alex Borstein

Music made possible by
Kent Rasmussen & Celia Ramsay

National Endowment for the Humanities
Berkeley Film Foundation
California Humanities

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Nina Mross
Gail Dorney
Yeşim Özben
Miriam Zibkoff
Nathaniel Hansen
Malcolm Ramsay
Eden Kupermintz
Pat & Scott Lazerus
Graham Willcox
Kristin Timken
Antony T. Curtis
Paul Pricer
Anna Medlin
Obsidian Entertainment
Joe Cooper & Mikohl Minkler
Maureen Empfield
Stephanie Ann Smith
Kathy Schlottach
Andrew Miller
Rina Palumbo
Rik Chandler
Maira K. Lacerda
Greig Oldford
Pam Brisjar
Gay Chung
Joshua Villines
Tina Cavaluzzi
Turi McKinley
Jan Deming
Tim Tyler
Bernhard Liebl
Marc Zaffran
Pam Vitaz
Andreas Skyman
Sharon Dromer
Christopher Donald
M. Yang
Nukatani Sorahiko
Nadyne Richmond
Corrina Hawke
Mike Cimprich
Tina Crossgrove
Jacob Eichenbaum
Yurie Tsutsumi
B. Daniel Fairchild
Chuck Esterbrook
Hugh Calveley
Richard Crimp
Foua Xiong
Eric Johnson
Jennifer Jenkins
Roberto Hull
Kimberly Crago
Carrie Miller
Jason Denzel
Joe Holt
Liz Wilson
James J. Watkins
Lewis Peterson
Joan Slonczewski
Doug Plant
Joanne Soued
Jessica Walker
Helmut W. Schmidt
Jonathan Pollnow
John E. Nackley, Sr.
Jeff Monroe
Birgitta Jónsdóttir
Michelle Chuang
Gudis Schnider
Cindy Nickles
Chandra Jessee
Lila Bakke
Stephen Arnold
Pernille Sys Hansen
Laurie Daugherty
Douglas “LOD” Pierce
Craig Allen
Paul Hidding
Michael Abbott
Kathy Halamka
Matthew Johnston
William Hinz
Jonathan Mills
Catherine Lai
Alison Rutledge
karl krietsch jr.

Sedeer & Hannele Luhtasela-El Showk
Nan Johnson & Miranda Johnson-Haddad
Libia Brenda & Gabriela Damián Miravete
Laura Horwood-Benton & Candradasa
Logan Rockefeller Harris & John Garrard Stehlin
William C. Cox & Diane G. Puntenney
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